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14th Annual Lowell WinterFest
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14th Annual Lowell WinterFest
Friday, February 21  &  Saturday, February 22, 2014 


Get On Your Sleds And Ride!

Registration is NOW OPEN for the
2014 National Human Dogsled Competition
Preliminaries & Costume Contest: Friday, February 21 @ 6PM
Championship Finals: Saturday, February 22 @ 4PM


>> CLICK HERE: Enter Your Team 
>> CLICK HERE: Print/View Human Dogsled Permission & Release Forms 

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Help Make WinterFest Great!

Become a WinterFest Sponsor!  For 2014 Lowell WinterFest sponsorship information, contact, Deborah Belanger, Executive Director, Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau: 978-459-6150 x15.



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View the WinterFest 2014 Schedule of events

Event highlights include the 3rd Annual Microbrew Competition, the New England Music Awards, the Annual Soup Bowl Competition, and plenty of more fun for kids and families!



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Where's Lowla!

The search for WinterFest's famous leading lady CONTINUES!
Find out more about Lowla here


2/ 12/14 - Lowla contacts the Special Events office from China to discuss creating a "Great Wall" in Lowell.  She also phones Cobblestones owner Scott Plath to suggest international food at WinterFest having developed more diverse tastes in her travels.  (Lowla has always been a big fan of Viet Thai's all you can eat buffet).

1/24/2014 - Lowla notifies the Special Event office she is in Egypt researching "ancient winter festivals."  In Egypt?

1/1/2014 - Lowla celebrates the New Year in Pisa!

1/12/12/13 - City's Cultural Affairs and Special Events office recieves a postcard from Lowla that she is in the North Pole visiting family.

11/30/2013 - Lowla made a brief appearance at the City of Lights Parade.

10/30/13 - Lowla was sighted getting into a car in front of Enterprise Bank on Merrimack Street and leaving town.

If you've seen Lowla, let us know!
#FindLowla    #WheresLowla


Lowla doesn't know what she'll be missing!  This year WinterFest will be partnering with the New England Music Awards to bring you some of the best live, local music in New England,
view the WHOLE schedule here







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